Light Stuff

  • Soup of the day
  • Heavenly lobster soup – Coconut, ginger and lobster
  • Taste of lobster – Tempura, -Springrolls, -Burger and -Soup
  • Beef carpaccio with langoustine – Crispy leeks, melon and trufflemayo
  • &Stuff Salad – Tempura Shrimp, grilled artichoke, truffle mayo, basil, mixed salad, pickled red chili and apples


  • Ovenbaked aubergine – Mixed salat, nutpesto, dadles, sweet small tomatoes, roasted carrots and fennel


  • Shelfishpasta Tagliatelle – Langoustine, Tiger shrimp, mini schallop, lemongras, white wine, tomotes, basil, garlic and chili


  • Catch of the day – Fresh fish every day
  • Ovenbaked bacalao and smoked eel – Dadle purre, sweet small tomatoes, basil, chorizo mayo, salt baked rutabaga, lemonoil and potatomouse
  • Grilled Arctic char – Artichokepurre, grape salsa, grilled artichoke, apple mayo and potatomouse
  • Panfried cod – Caramelized cauliflowerpurre, green asparagus, roasted paprika, chorizo, hollandaisefoam and potatomouse
  • Panfried Plaice A La Muniere with canadian lobster – Lemon, artichokepurre, white asparagus, crispy small potatoes and pickled green apples
  • Grilled rib eye burger – Caramelized onion, trufflemayo, coleslaw, garlic roasted mushrooms, crispy bacon, dipped potatoes and garlicmayo
  • Lambshank – Demi glace, broccoli, mushrooms, grean peas, pok choy and potatomouse

Sweet Stuff

  • Creme Brulle – Vanilla, ginger, chocolate pop rocks and coconut ice cream
  • Panna Cotta – White chocolate, roasted oats and berries
  • Tiramisu – Dry yogurt, chocolate crumble and salt caramel ice cream
  • Big sweet dreams for 2 person – adventure, let the chef surprice you


  • Regular mayo
  • Trufflemayo
  • Coleslaw
  • Bearnaise sauce
  • Grilled canadian lobster with garlic
  • Sweet chili sauce
  • Garlic mayo
  • Roasted vegetables
  • Fresh salad
  • Grilled lobstertails with garlic butter
  • Dipped small potatoes with crunchy seasalt
  • Tripple dipped potatoes


  • Catch of the day and tripple dipped potatoes
  • Kidstuffburger – cheese, salad, dipped potates, icelandic mayo
  • Penne – chicken, tomatsauce, parmesan.
  • Vanillaicecream – biscuits, chocolatesause

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